myHermes pricing information

Please find below for the latest pricing information for myHermes service through ParcelBright.

Weight ParcelShop Drop-off Courier Collection
0-2kg Small £2.33 £2.74
0-2kg Medium £3.33 £3.74
2.01-5kg £4.99 £5.41
5.01-10kg £6.66 £7.08
10.01-15kg £8.33 £8.74


* All prices are exc VAT


Parcel Dimensions

To make sure your parcel is suitable for the myHermes service please check its size against the points below:

Small parcels


Small parcels are actually bigger than you might think.

If the size of your parcel does not exceed: 45cm x 35cm x 16cm

For example two standard shoe boxes or twelve rolls of toilet paper.



Medium parcels


Medium parcels are ideal for bulkier items.

If your parcel is larger than 45cm x 35cm x 16cm but is still under 2kg you can select the MEDIUM pricing category. The maximum length of 120 cm, with a maximum Length+Girth of 245 cm.

For example large toys or a double-size duvet.

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