My customer no longer wants their flower vase; they were just gifted the same one...

  1. They are obliged to pay the return shipping cost as they are effectively deciding to return the item.

  2. You must allow a full refund if requested in 30 days since purchase, after this point you may deny a return request, unless you have provided a warranty see Guarantees/Warranties section. They are responsible to return it to you undamaged or lose their refund options.

  3. We recommend sending the customer the packaging you'd like them to use, along with any instructions you'd like them to follow. This improves the chances of the returned item arriving safely to you. To prepare instructions for delicate items like glass vases see our Packaging Guidelines.

  4. We also recommend you arrange a courier collection from the customer's address, rather then requesting the customer to use a drop off service.

  5. They should always check applicable coverage and guarantees that might recover losses in the event of damage.
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