What size of box should I use?

Always use good quality packaging for your shipment.

  • Choose a strong box suitable for the contents and how much it weighs.

  • Ideally items in boxes are securely packed with objects held tight inside using foam/newspaper, or other padding material with a least a 5 cm distance between your object and the nearest surface of the box. Large and delicate objects will need a larger minimum distance to the box whereas robust objects may be secure with less.

  • Not enough padding in the box will allow the object to shake around in transit and may become damaged, so make sure it is held tightly.

  • Putting many objects in the same box may result in surface damages, you should wrap each item fully and separately before packing them snugly into the box.

  • Remove or cross out any old address labels or barcodes on the outer box.

  • Pack small items in jiffy-bags sensibly, avoid risking under protecting these items. You mayneed to pad the jiffy-bag with tissue and seal the bag with packaging tape.
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